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Hello lovelies, I hope you are all having a great time with the weather.  I just love the touch of a cool spring breeze over my face. Simply running out of the door without layers of sweaters and a jacket is just fantastic! Warmer weather brings outdoor activities and vacation trips. Now is the time to spring up those white dresses that have been tucked away in your closet. Let the transition from dark to light begin.

Effortless Glam

Effortless Glam

Being a nurse by profession, I spend half of my time in my scrubs. I chose the white outfit as my first showpiece because it’s feminine, timeless and classic. I love all white wear, though it is hard to keep them clean all the time. My advice is to stay far away from red wine (difficult feat I know). The clean and fresh look from white clothes is amazingly beautiful.

Effortless Glam

Effortless Glam

When wearing white, I like to look chic, simple and monochromatic. You can never go wrong with this look. Trust me, it is always a winning look for ladies and it’s easy for everyone to pull off. There is no color more classic and crisp than white. An effortless white glam is the way to go. Who said a dress or skirt was the only way to rock the spring look? Nah. This lovely white silk short sleeves shirt caught my eyes in Michael Kors last weekend and I won’t be forgetting it any time soon.  Its tailored shape, white button-down, open slits on both upper arms — helps to reveal a little bit of skin glow – is quite classy and elegant. I find this bold and flattering. I paired it up with a wide- leg pants made out of linen fabric. I must say that the shirt complements the wide-leg silhouette when tucked in. Yes Ladies, I was born in the 70’s and I am a lover of wide- leg pants for their retro look. They are breezy and carefree on the skin. . Hello trend lovers, are you feeling me? Wide-leg pants are back and they are super bonuses to street style right now. The side pockets are just perfect for it’s distinctive features. There is no better time to rock this look. I am also a great fan of linen pants especially for their comfort and they are just irreplaceable in the summer season. Ladies, the pants is a MUST-HAVE wardrobe piece for spring and summer, you will love it!

Effortless Glam

Effortless Glam

Who cares about fashion rules? There are no rules in my world. It’s all about the look in modern times. Why not add elegance with a white hat? Yes. Looking hot right? Pair up your accessories with a white sunshade and then the WOW look appears.  It’s so trendy and is my favorite. The hat and shades are perfect and gorgeous for outdoor use. They are my statement pieces too. Bold and beautiful. Why not? Interestingly, I felt like a celebrity, hahaha, while doing my photoshoot in Queens Quay, downtown Toronto. Some people were stopping and taking a peak during the shoot. I heard some ladies yelling out “ you look gorgeous” I smiled, waved back at them and continued with my photoshoot. Yep, I stole the crowd for that little moment and that made my day. You cannot miss this hat even with your eyes closed and the shades are not meant for hiding.

hat 1

Why not add elegance with a white hat? Yes. Looking hot right?

white hat and shades

The hat and shades are perfect and gorgeous for outdoor use.


Lovelies, look good and feel fabulous in white.  This lovely ensemble is a great opportunity to add any kind of accessories. Simply add a colorful scarf and it will stand out magnificently.

DSC_2241 copy

For a fashionable look, I added an off white blazer, not only are women uncomfortable in showing their arms, but the weather can get cold in the evening while we are still outdoors. You will never go wrong with a blazer look. Gorgeous isn’t it?

Effortless Glam

Effortless Glam

I finished the look with open- toe heeled sandals embellished with a gold ankle cuff. Incidentally, my husband is a tall man and I always like to wear heels when going out with him, LOL. I find the entire look effortless and ideal for a day or evening occasion.  It’s clean, fresh and simple. I am obsessively in love with it.

cropped shoes

Pardon me if my post appears to be lengthy. I might be carried away with excitement, LOL. Now it’s official. Ladies, make a statement in a fashionably all white glamour this spring and be assured of unending compliments. Let me use this opportunity to wish all the amazing women a Happy Mother’s Day! Ensure you get pampered this weekend in a white monochrome trend. Please tag me on your Facebook and Instagram pages. I look forward to seeing your interesting selections. Hugs and kisses.

For more images from my photoshoot visit the gallery.

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Make Glam out of your Wardrobe

White Shirt – Michael Kors (link to similar look)

Wide- Leg pants – Michael Kors  (link to similar look )

Off White Blazer -old

Belt- old

Heeled sandals-old

Sunglasses- Gucci (old)

White Hat- Marshalls

Purse – old