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Colour Trend: Yellow – Bring on the Sunshine!!

yellow  10All hail yellow! Welcome back my lovelies. Summer is almost here and bold colours are making their way back into the shops. The beautiful sun brings us the opportunity to experiment with bold and bright colours, which makes this season my absolute favourite! Yellow is such a popular summer colours. We see a lot of yellow worn on vacation trips and cruises where everyone is so cheerful and living in the moment.

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Bring Your Own Sunshine


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Stand Tall in Yellow

Yellow is a perfect colour to brighten ones  mood and day. Ladies, let’s go crazy with style. Why not flatter your body type in this gorgeous shade? I like to wear yellow in the summer because no matter how simple a basic yellow dress may seem, it always stands out in a crowd.  Not only do I love how attractive this colour can be, I feel that it really brings out my happy, playful self. Are you with me? I truly think that yellow is the happiest colour. I believe this colour is a symbol of happiness, optimism and good times. This colour works for me and I know you will enjoy it too.

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Zara Wears Prada

You don’t always have to wear a complete yellow outfit to rock this pretty colour. A simple yellow top with a pair of blue jeans is a gorgeous look to consider. However, I am a lover of the monochromatic look. Why not make a BOLD statement? Never curse yourself for being bold! It simply shows you have flare. I picked out this A-shaped dress from Zara. Ladies, this triangular silhouette will fit any body shape. I see smiling faces already! I chose to go chic with open toe sandals that make me feel absolutely radiant in my outfit. Simply add a blazer along with a purse and you are good to go! Yellow accessories are making quite a statement this season and I say it’s time that you own a few if you don’t already:)

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shine in yellow

My Colour Inspiration

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Be Bold, Be Beautiful


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Why not add a scarf for elegance?


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My style


Yellow stands out from its surroundings, is a symbol of  optimism, happiness  and it instills positive energy!!

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Style is My Heart

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Shop My Style



Up and About in Prada Glitz!


cropped-logo-ga4.pngFYI, yellow is great with most colours, especially neutral colours like white.

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Make Glam out of your Wardrobe


Colour  Statement

Dress – Zara

Sandals – Lamb (Gwen Stefani)

Blazer – Ralph Lauren

Purse – Prada

Scarf- Ralph Lauren

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