Bring on Africa!! FAB in “Dashiki”


Glamourous Austa

Envoy Photography 16

I just had to take this call during my photoshoot and my wonderful photographer captured the moment

Shout out to my African fashionistas all over the world, it’s been an amazing journey keeping up with your fashion trends and style on social media. Kudos to Instagram accounts of Nigerian weddings, 9naijabrides and Nigerian fashionistas. To my friends in Africa, thank you all! What a great inspiration for us in the western world. Follow on Instagram @Glamourousausta and let’s keep the trend going.

It’s about time I celebrate my African heritage through my style. When growing up, African fabric was not my favourite.  However, fashion trends with African prints like Ankara has influenced me. I have since fallen in love with African prints in the last few years. The unique and trendy designs with Ankara prints led to my great desire for this fabric. My friends have also been my source of inspiration for this desire. I am sure you all agree with me that Ankara has become very popular in the western world. Celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna and Chris Brown have been spotted with Ankara designs quite a few times. Today we see Ankara almost everywhere from weddings to birthday parties. They are loved for their bright and bold colours. This fabric has become a popular trend on the streets. You can’t go wrong with Ankara this summer. Are you in love already?

Ankara was originally known as a Dutch wax print. However this print is associated with West African culture because of our tribal like patterns and motifs. Purchasing authentic Ankara print is also very important. The emergence of fashion trends with this print has led to increased job opportunities for the manufacturing industries in Africa.

Today, I am rocking an Ankara fabric known as “Dashiki”.  This trend comes in various styles such as shirts, dresses and even jumpsuits. You can’t get enough of the versatility of a Dashiki. Anyone can pull this off! I dressed it up with an opened toe sandals and finished the look with a monotone purse. For a fashionable look, I added a hat and sunglasses. All set to rock the sun. What is not to love? Ladies, Dashiki is a Must-Have wardrobe piece for your casual day to barbecue and to the beach. Try them on a pair of jeans, you will look just as radiant. This trend is here to stay!

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Proud African


Envoy Photography 18

Embracing my culture in style


Envoy Photography 17

Envoy Photography 20

FAB in Dashiki. My girlfriends said to me ” Austa  J, you will ROCK in anything” Thanks for your inspiration BABES!


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ankara 1

Ankara Fabrics



Envoy Photography 19

Envoy Photography 14

Envoy Photography 09



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Envoy Photography 02

I always have time for my little moment hahahaha


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Envoy Photography 011

Envoy Photography 03

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Envoy photography. My amazing photographer, I can’t thank  you enough for capturing these beautiful moments! You did an amazing job, we had fun.

Makeup glam by Ms.Montanaa (Check her out on Instagram)

Purse by Louis Vuitton

Sun glasses by Christian Dior

Hat from Marshalls

See similar link for beautiful Ankara prints below

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