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Welcome back lovelies! I hope you missed me last weekend?  Unfortunately, I came down with the cold and had to take some time off to recuperate. I am delighted to be back and I hope your week was great? If you live in Toronto, you will agree with me that summer has finally arrived and with a bang! The weather has been quite hot and my advice to all is, never leave your home without some sunscreen and your sunglasses. That’s not to say we can’t look beautiful in this rather warm and sweaty weather.

A Floral fitted cotton shirt is just the answer to this warm weather. Cotton shirts are excellent choices for ladies. They are breathable and cool on the skin. This amazing floral silhouette by Ralph Lauren was just perfect for my business meeting. Its effortless look and tailored shape brings elegance to this A-line high waisted skirt by Tory Burch. This gorgeous shirt will be amazing on a classic shaped work pencil skirt. Short skirts (above the knee) are unprofessional and needless to say, unsuitable for the work environment; knee length skirts are a more desirable alternative. Fitting skirts are okay too as long as they are not too tight on the curves.

Why not infuse a dose of glamour into the work environment? So, I paired up this lovely ensemble with a pair of floral patent sandals. Chic? I thought so. Remember, when picking out a work heel, comfort should be a top priority on your list. Confidence-boosting shoes do not need to put you up in the sky. Low heels will do the same job of giving that little lift just enough for a feminine look, and prevent the strutting of your feet all day long with pressure. My advice is, wear comfortable heels that makes you feel most confident. A professional appearance doesn’t have to be boring. So have fun and build your professional style this summer. It takes much less time than you’d imagine, I promise.

Further, when choosing a work outfit, always pick your style of inspiration and more importantly, what suits your body type. This way, you will be accentuating your good features while simultaneously minimizing your less than perfect areas. Alas, my profession creates less opportunities for me to dress up in business outfits, as I am in my scrub most of the time. I guess this is why I always have fun picking out what to wear to any event and business meetings. Ladies, I urge you to come out of your everyday work attire and find your workday inspiration today! I hope these tips have been helpful and you enjoyed the reading. Have a wonderful weekend!

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 Glamourize your wardrobe this summer!!

Floral cotton shirt- Ralph Lauren

Skirt- Tory Burch

Sandal- Jessica Simpson (SAKS, Fifth Ave)

Purse- Burberry Prorsum

Sunglasses  by  Versace


Thanks to my amazing photographer- Envoy Photography

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