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Colourful dresses are always a delightful addition to one’s wardrobe. That is indisputable, we can all agree. That being said, black color outfits have their place, and can equally give one that exquisite look. I am a fan of black color and sadly some people aren’t aware that it can also be worn in summer. Black is indeed beautiful and it creates the illusion of a slimmer look which is one of the main reasons women love to wear this colour.

Sometimes in life, we all struggle with deciding on what to wear to an occasion. It doesn’t matter if you are a fashionista, fashion blogger or a celebrity. It applies to everyone. Usually, when I find myself in this predicament, I immediately default to my black dresses or pants for rescue, haha. The common saying  “when in doubt, wear black” works well for me all the time and I am sure it does for most women.  Black is characteristically amazing in that it creates a block silhouette by taking focus away from a person’s body size. Women just love that.

Some fashion designers say bustier tops are back in style. Personally, I don’t believe they were ever out of style, however, I do know for a fact that a lot of women do not know the best time to a wear bustier.  They can be worn during the day and if you are uncomfortable with showing too much skin, then wear a blazer on top. They look very sexy in blazers.  I especially love them for their super versatile features; you can rock a bustier top on a pair of jeans, shorts, maxi skirts, and even on fitted midi or mini skirt.  I am showcasing mine today on a high low skirt designed by one of my fashion designers, RahymaSleek.  This is one of my favorite skirts. This silhouette is just perfect for the bustier because of its high waist design. High-waisted skirts help to eliminate our non-flattering parts by creating a stunning feminine shape. They are also known for creating an hourglass shape.

The entire black ensemble is chic and feminine.  This is one of the best ways to wear a bustier top without revealing much. To glamourize my look, I paired it up with this pink metallic cork platform designed by Gucci and I wasn’t going quiet with the clutch, either. Hahaha. You all know how I love my blings. Who can blame me? It’s summertime LOL.  I hope these tips are helpful in creating your own style.

Ladies, please let’s keep those thoughts/comments coming. I love reading your feedback and thank you for the inspiration. Next week, we will be offering a chance to win a $100 Zara gift card GIVEAWAY to the person with the best comment either on the website or on my Instagram page @my style by Glamourous Austa. Stay connected lovlies.

Happy long weekend to all Canadians. Have a beautiful one and thanks again for your visit. Don’t forget to share your thoughts below. XOXO

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Kenna  Photography.  Special thanks to my beautiful and talented daughter for the glam pics

Glamourize your wardrobe!!

Bustier Top- Marciano

Skirt- Rahymasleek

Metallic Cork Heels – By Gucci

Melanie Lyne  Jewelry Wardrobe

Sunglasses-  By Gucci


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