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Today, I am excited to once again embrace my culture by showcasing African fashion. With the impending African fashion week coming up in Toronto on August 18th 2016, this is perfect timing for me to introduce my African look to you all.

African fashion has gained more popularity in recent years and continues to be a trend in the fashion industry. Remarkably, Nigerian fashion designers, drawing inspiration from their African culture and heritage, have demonstrably honed their skills in this area, and proved their talents through impeccable arts and designs. African style has taken a new role in the fashion industry to the extent that Western fashion designers are being influenced by African prints and motifs.  Some notable Western celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Beyonce Knowles, Rihanna and even the first lady Michelle Obama have on occasions been spotted in African glamorous prints and style.  Further, African fabrics such as Ankara and Lace have become so popular, and have made it to runways and red carpet events several times in recent years.  One of the reasons for this global illumination on African fashion is that it comes in bold prints inspired by fresh and bright colors, and as such provides a lot of room for some creativity leading to an exciting and fascinating wardrobe.

In my home country, Nigeria, African attire is never complete without a head tie, otherwise known as “Gele”.  The Gele plays a significant role in our cultural style, and they come in various fabrics and designs. My favorite is the Ash-Oke fabric. This head tie was a gift from my girlfriend Joy Fasoranti. Incidentally, I seem to have friends who are always insistent that we wear Gele to Nigerian parties hahaha.The Gele brings glamour to the entire look by accentuating and enhancing the facial beauty of the African woman, and it has evolved into a versatile piece ever since African fashion gained international recognition. It can be worn on both Western and African traditional wears which is one of the reasons it is loved by women.

As most of you would agree, wrapping of the Gele can be challenging, however, it does get easier with experience. This particular one was tied by the talented Oluwakemi  Martins-Donus ( Donus Hands).

This is me at a Nigerian party that I attended last weekend and it was all about African glamour, elegance and style. My top was designed by a Nigerian fashion designer and it was a birthday gift from my baby sister.  The top is made out of French lace fabric and I picked the A-line skirt from my wardrobe. The style is flirty and chic and the trail at the bottom signifies royalty in African culture.  This silhouette was designed by no other than Rahymasleek  fashion.  I finished my entire look with a gold sandals and matching purse. Let me know what you think of the look.

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Nigerian Party, 2015



African attire without GELE









Kenna Photography-  Thanks to my talented daughter for the glam pics.

Make up glam by beauttyb. Follow on Instagram @ beauttyb


Gele by Donus Hands. Follow on Facebook for more trends

Shakina Beads Make-Up & Gele . Follow on Instagram for amazing styles

Skirt by Rahymasleek .   www.

Gold Sandals by Gucci

Purse – Holt Renfrew