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Happy Sunday readers! Let me start by expressing my gratitude and appreciation for your love and support in this symbiosis relationship of ours. I always look forward to this moment and I am glad to have you back.

Sadly, summer is almost coming to an end but not too late to highlight this trending sleeveless cropped top. This top will be great for a day or evening wear. It is simple, elegant and very chic. How would you wear your cropped top? A great idea is wearing it with a high waist skirt. Why? Most cropped tops are very short, so adding a length above your skirt or pant will eliminate that crop shy — understandably, some women are uncomfortable with visible skin. This floral ball skirt is voluminous and its high waist design along with its colorful pattern takes attention away from any visible skin ( I love, love, love it, LOL).  The voluminous skirt creates a balance with the top by giving it a classic look with its loose silhouette. Ladies, I hope we are in agreement when I say that this is silhouette is indeed confidence and ego booster for us. So, why not stand out in a cropped trend before the end of summer?

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Kenna Photography. Thanks Kenna. XOXO

HairStyles by Sami @ Facebook. Thanks for glamming me

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Cropped Top – Bebe

Floral Print Ball Skirt – By Eliza J (The Bay)

Pink Metallic Cork  – By Gucci

Pink Clutch- BCBGMaxazria

Sunglasses by Prada