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I hope you all are enjoying the summer. It has been a splendidly busy time for me, with all these summer fun-filled activities almost every week. Last weekend, for instance, was the very awesome barbecue party hosted by Toronto-based event planner, Fetes Fetes. The beautiful gathering of family and friends was a huge success. First of all, we lucked out with the weather. The forecast had said it was going to rain but it didn’t. The park it was held at was very conducive to relaxing, the food was plentiful, the music was good and varied, and there were some very creative crowd-engaging competitive activities. All in all, it was a memorable event. Everyone had a great time, and the kids especially, had a fantastic time.

I had a brief interview with her and one of the things I inquired about was the source of her inspiration, and she said she had no one single source, but just like the quintessential artist, she went on to say that her inspiration could come from anywhere and at any time. It could be from the magazines, when travelling, when watching television, from social media or even at dinner with a friend, she said. “I love to entertain people and I take pride and joy in doing it”, she also mentioned.



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Hat -Bebe

Sunnies – Gucci

Cold shoulder top-  Sashescouture

Denim- Marshalls

Sandals – Gucci

Pink Alma purse -Louisvuitton