It’s that crazy time of the year again when the kids are finally going back to school and alas, our beautiful summer season is coming to an end. This is one of the busiest weekends for parents to do their last minute back to school shopping.  My younger daughter is so excited about going back to school that she wishes she could fall asleep now and wake up on the morning of the first day of school, LOL.  I asked some other parents how they were spending this weekend, and also unanimously, all expressed their sadness about summer coming to an end, and that they were really not looking forward  to the last minute back to school rush. That notwithstanding, parents – everyone actually – can take solace in the fact that this is also a long weekend!  Monday is a holiday here in Canada (Labor Day) and it’s a perfect day for some fun time with the family.

Some of us (mothers) are fortunate in that we have more time to ourselves when the kids are back to school. I hope this applies to every one of you.  I am lucky in this regard, and I’m able to avail myself some rest, naps, or any other better use of this free time.   So, let’s not despair but instead, conquer this long weekend, kick the kids out….. I mean, let them go back to school, then come Tuesday we can start reaping our reward, LOL.

I wasn’t going let the summer go by without showcasing one of my favorites: Orange asymmetrical skirt.  This trend always has a way of coming back into style from time to time. They are indeed timeless, cheerful and exotic. Don’t you just love it? Are they retro? Yes, but they blend well with today’s fashion. Asymmetrical trends exude a sophisticated, elegant and sexy look. They are also versatile and there is so much you can do with them. The beauty about this trend is that, fashion designers bring them back almost every year with a different interpretation and meaning.  From spring to summer to fall, this trend is here to stay.








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Lace Top : Juicy Couture

Skirt : Designed by Glamorous Austa!

Purse : Louis Vuitton.

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Thanks to my amazing Camera Crew : Worship Media!