47 LOOKS FABULOUS ON ME! ALL GLORY TO GOD! Happy birthday to me.


Hello Darlings,  I hope you all are doing great. My birthday won’t be complete without you guys, so here I am feeling loved and blessed.

November has always been my favorite month of the year, and not because of any particular historic or momentous event, but for the simple fact that I was born in this month. For me, the euphoria that November ushers in, actually starts towards the end of October when some of my friends start sending advance birthday wishes and prayers. These also serve to prolong the celebratory mood in preparation of the event. Am I excited? Absolutely I am. 😊 I am always very excited, and with a heavy heart replete with gratitude, on my birthday.

God has been so kind, and merciful to me, and I thank him immensely for this wonderful gift of life. I am truly eternally grateful to him for all the blessings that he has showered on me including those that I am not aware of. Additionally, though at the time I did not appreciate nor welcome them, retrospectively, I am also grateful for all the life challenges that God allowed to come my way this past year. They have helped to make me a wiser, stronger, and better person. I have also been blessed with a wonderful family. My girls are simply adorable, and they bring me so much joy. I thank God for them.

A big thanks to all my friends and family, and I am very appreciative of all your kind and sweet words. You mean a lot to me. And just as important, I thank you my readers for being with me another year. Much appreciated.

Finally, with each birthday, it is my desire and purpose to be more appreciative of the belief that the best things in life are indeed free, and that this existence is pretty much transient, so emphasis should be on, dwelling on, and focusing on, those things that enhance the lives of my fellow human beings, and are productive to society at large. I pray we can all share this goal, and accomplish it together. Today, I give thanks to everyone who has been part of my life’s journey.

In case anyone is wondering how I will be celebrating my day; my friends are taking me on a weekend trip, and in fact the dancing starts tonight. I think you all know by now how I love to dance, LOL. Thanks for stopping by, and God bless.







White dress:  BEBE

Heels :  Beverley Johnson

Purse : Ferragamo